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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 30, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> wow. politics is tough. >> it is. one father waging war against his son's peewee football league. why? because some say the kids pray before games. didn't want to see that happen. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> welcome aboard, folks. it is a rainy start to this thursday throughout the northeast. and down through the mid atlantic. i don't know if you guys noticed but when we walked in today, did you notice there was about a foot and a half of sandbags at the door? >> i did. and i'm trying to fly today. we'll see if that works out. in the meantime, we hope you have a fabulous day. we have to begin with a fox news alert. tony curtis has passed away at the age of 85. his daughter confirming the news this morning. here's ayes look at the oscar nominee's life and his work. >> he was an icon who made us look twice.
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tony curtis was born bernard schwartz on june 3, 1925, in new york. his relationship with his parents was less than smooth. his dad was an immigrant tailor who forced his son to work for him. curtis' neurotic mother was hard to deal with at times. his younger brother was killed in a road accident at the age of 9. a few years later, another brother was born who would eventually be diagnosed as schizophrenic. tony grew tired of his family life and at 17 he joined the u.s. navy. his navy stint brought him around the world though he never saw combat. toward the end of the 1940's, he returned home and quickly started acting classes. after a theater agent saw him in the greenwich village production of "golden boy" curtis was signed to a seven year contract with universal pictures. in 1949, curtis landed his first role in crisscross where he danced. two years later, he was given a leading role in "the prince who
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was a thief." that same year, curtis married actress janet leigh, a marriage that would last a decade. they had two daughters. one well known actress jamie lee curtis. in 1959, he starred in the classic "some like it hot." a film that paired him with jack lemmon and marilyn monroe. they would later learn that tony and marilyn had a brief relationship. curtis started the 1960's by starring in "spartikus." with performances like this, people were starting to take notice of more than his good looks. he could act. >> he is probably one of the most underrated. >> in 1968, he starred in "the boston strangler" and won rave reviews. curtis had fought hard for this role gaining 30 pounds, even putting on a fake nose to look like his character. hard work didn't bring the oscar nomination he craved but it did bring him pride. >> said the greatest film performance of any actor in the history of movies.
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>> at this point, curtis was in the midst of his third marriage, one that produced two sons. by the early 1970's, he had grown tired of the movie business and began using drugs and drinking heavily. at the urging of his kids, he checked into the betty ford rehab clinic and sobered up. as he grew older, tony switched gears and began to paint. his bright, acrylic canvasses were compared to the work of matisse. this new hobby brought curtis a new degree of success in a different forum. in 1994, curtis' son nick died of a seizure from his heroin use. >> he was a very addicted -- addictive person, you know, and i lost him. >> four years later, he walked down the aisle for a fifth time, new wife jill vandenberg was 45 years youngser than curtis. tony curtis, a true legend of the silver screen.
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rick folbaum, fox news. >> tony curtis has passed away at age 85. he was here on the couch, was it about a year and a half ago or so? he had written a book, i believe. a memoir. >> lot of stories. many. >> now the rest of your headlines for a thursday. pakistan blocking nato and u.s. supplies from entering afghanistan at a major border crossing. the move comes after officials there claim a nato helicopter fired on and killed three pakistani troops. nato investigated the allegation to see if they're linked to operations in the area. two of the country's most prominent prostate cancer experts say they're not at all surprised the lockerbie bomber is still alive more than one year after his release. the doctors telling the foreign relations committee this video proves abdelbaset ali al-megrahi was not suffering from advanced prostate cancer. if he was, he would not have been able to climb down these stairs. the doctor testifying in the first session of an investigation about his release. after months of heated debate, the house finally passes that bill to provide more than $7.4
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billion to workers who got sick during cleanup at ground zero. after the september 11th attacks. while the bill provides health care and compensation to first responders, the bill still must pass the senate and lawmakers say that's unlikely to happen any time soon. the mexican government now blaming the surge in violence south of our border on the united states. four mexican mayors say the u.s. is causing the majority of the murders and drug smuggling problems simply by deporting violent illegal immigrants back home to where they belong which is their own country. and those are your headlines. >> fantastic. i think -- we'll probably learn that we were wrong and we'll have to apologize. >> we always do. >> right. >> meanwhile, democratic house leaders have officially punted on tax cuts before the election deciding to adjourn and then put out the vote until it's lame duck session time. st steve centanni joins us from washington with the very latest. we saw this coming. >> that's right. it's not the first time we saw
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it happen. you could call it a classic race to the exit as members of congress wrapped up their business last night and headed out to the campaign trail. there were objections in both houses, people going on the record saying they wanted to get more work done. in the end, the urge to get home and start campaigning won the day. there were no reports on the budget so a continuing resolution will have to be passed -- was passed. that will keep the government running until congress comes back and can pass those permanent spending bills and as expected, there were no -- there were no votes on the bush tax cuts that are set to expire at the end of this year. the vote to adjourn in the house came by one vote with speaker nancy pelosi having to step in to cast her vote to adjourn after 39 democrats joined republicans in voting no. congressman mike pence is one of those who is critical of his congressional cohorts for closing down shop without taking care of important business. >> when the gavel falls tonight, members of congress are literally gonna, as i said, adjourn the congress to go home so they can work to save their
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jobs with not having lifted a finger to protect the jobs of millions of americans from taxes and a tax increase in january. >> so both houses now have gone home hitting the campaign trail and will come back, though, for a lame duck session that begins november 15th. steve? >> steve centanni, thank you very much. >> this is supposed to be a walkover in the governor's race for andrew cuomo. you know, he had all the momentum behind him. he's the attorney general. >> he's a cuomo! >> he's a cuomo. he's status cuomo according to mr. paladino. the republican nominee have making a race of it by having this saying -- he's mad as hell and he's very rich. he showed how mad he was yesterday. >> he was. he got into it with a reporter. well known reporter here in new york who has been covering politics for many, many years. this confrontation, though, maybe hasn't seen in his entire career. watch this. >> i want to know why you sent your goons after my daughter. i want to know.
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i want to know. >> charge against cuomo, do you have any evidence or do you not? >> i will at the appropriate time -- >> yes, i do. >> how can you say that -- >> oh, i have a daughter, too! >> you talked about her. >> i have a daughter! >> brought it out. that's it. >> stay away from me. [beep]. >> what evidence do you have? >> listen, you want to hear -- >> you're someone that goes after my daughter? say it one more time. you're his bird dog. >> you send another goon to my daughter's house and i'll take you out, buddy. >> how are you going to do that? >> watch. >> just watch, the guy that's trying to mediate there who is paladino's guy, his strategist and what not and what started that was the fact that over the last week or two, the media here in new york, tabloids have been fixated on carl paladino who had an extramarital affair while married, obviously, and has a 10-year-old love child. and he's saying the double standard. you sent your goons, your
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reporters to get a picture of my daughter but why isn't anybody ever asked andrew cuomo about his paramores and about his affairs. that had never been said in public. they wanted to know where's that coming from? >> we should make sure to say alleged affairs for andrew cuomo because paladino offered no evidence and that was how this whole spat then started. but i have to say, after seeing that now, that reporter was in his face. i mean, that reporter -- it almost seemed like he was working on behalf of cuomo almost, a little bit. >> so i -- i mean, i'm not going to defend what paladino said at the end. that did sound like a threat and this is what people have been upset about paladino is that he's sort of an off the cuff guy but they say look, you really have a shot in this race, maybe you should not have these -- >> don't go after his daughter, don't send somebody to track down a 10-year-old kid. that's the message that i got. >> right. auto ahis son passed away in a tragic car accident. he told his wife at that time, you know what? i got -- i have a -- i've had an
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affair and i want you to meet your daughter. the son actually knew the daughter but his wife never knew the daughter. so it's a convuluted story where reporters are saying this is unbelievable. we have to find out about this. he did think it's double standard. andrew cuomo was married to a kennedy and all of a sudden, yeah, bobby kennedy's daughter and all of a sudden, the marriage breaks up and he's accusing andrew cuomo of cheating on her. got kicked out of the house. he said why don't you pursue that story? >> exactly. then when asked where is the proof about the extramarital affairs for mr. cuomo. he said all in due time. meanwhile, let's talk about something that happened at the end of last week when steven colbert was called by congress to come up and testify and john conyers said stop it before we start this thing. this is a bad idea. watch. >> you know, i'm not asking you not to talk, i'm asking you to leave the committee room completely and submit your statement instead.
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>> by the way -- >> mockery of congress. >> well, john conyers once said something about not reading legislation and stuff. that was one of his finer moments, asking steven colbert to leave because most people now agree that was a stupid waste of time and people are saying they're not going to go on his show anymore specifically politicians they're coming to their senses the way in which the pieces are edited don't always make them look so great as the final product. >> you are so diplomatic. they sit down for two hours. >> i'm not diplomatic about this at all. >> they knock it down to three minutes and most of them end up looking really stupid. it's a statement called better known your district and a lot of congresspeople say this is an opportunity for me to be on national television. people get to know me, show my personality. i'm going to go do it. they're finally saying essentially to steven colbert, you're dead to me. >> that's exactly right. here's an example of that particular segment that's got not a lot of congressmen and women in trouble. here from 2008, a former florida
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congressman by the name of robert wexler tricked into saying stuff he didn't really want to say on tv. >> the thing you say would lose you the election if you said it. you're not going to. >> right. i enjoy cocaine because -- >> laughing because then people will think it's a joke. >> i enjoy cocaine because it's a fun thing to do. >> ok. that has haunted him ever since. that was in 2008 and yet, politician after politician keeps going back to the trough because they think oh, this is where the kids are watching tv. i need that publicity. now their aides are saying congressmen, we're flattered by the invitation but this is box office poison. don't do it. >> yep. coming up on the show, disaster averted. the feds say this is what could have happened if the accused times square bomber hadn't messed up and that's not all they're learning about the botched plan. didn't he have another plan in the works? >> yeah. >> and president obama is getting another earful from
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voters in iowa. >> strangling the engine that does create the jobs. >> dick morris next on how the president is handling his unpopular policies. >> president obama out campaigning around the country. he's been having these backyard talks. then he met with a family in iowa and a family in virginia, both families said the same thing. it's wednesday, shouldn't you be working?
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>> welcome back. he looked like a friendly backyard gathering, right? but president obama got an earful from one small business owner and a few others at yesterday's town hall in iowa. >> sort of strangling the, you know, the engine that does create the jobs. fundamentals are profit. $250,000. where if you're two people in a family, that's not a lot. it seems like a lot but not when you have the family, the kids, the cars, the college and all the other things that go plus you have to grow the engine. you have to grow it to continue to provide more jobs and to create the dream. >> i have signed eight small business tax cuts since i came into office and the package that we signed this week cut taxes in eight more ways so your taxes haven't gone up.
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>> ok. david greenspan, get that? your taxes have not gone up. you employ 130 people. what does the growing lack of support mean for the president and the democrats? we're joined right now by former clinton advisor and fox news contributor dick morris. dick, how unscripted and how unbelievably vital are these moments in the election? >> they're wonderful. you know his whole economic team is quick so i have a recommendation for him for his new economic advisor, that guy, daniel greenspan, was it? >> david greenspan. >> david greenspan, better than the other greenspan was. but, you know, i mean, that was just terrific. and obama's answer was scary. your taxes haven't gone up, ok, but how about your debt? how about the fact that you can't borrow money in this economy because the federal regulation and the federal government crowding everybody else out the loan window? it was -- it's incredible how simplistic the president's answer was. but you're asking me about
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politics. obama's got a choice. eckert do college campuses where he looks like a rebel rouser more -- or a cheerleader. he doesn't look like a president. or town hall meetings when he gets this back in his face. and i think probably what he needs to do is take a page from nixon and script his town hall meetings and make sure everybody that comes in is nice and vetted and all of that or go to a foreign country and do something because they seem to like him. >> there's another woman that stood up before that and she said i'm worried, mr. president, that you've created a health care system that's gonna make us into the one that britain has. i mean, these are arguments that he usually gets from republicans that he usually kick -- knocks out of the park but it's something about getting it in somebody's backyard that's really boomeranged on him seemingly. >> well, i think that it's reflective of the fact that in this election, the american people are paying more attention and are better informed than
6:19 am
i've ever seen them. i mean, you know, when the work reconciliation is something that everybody knows and doesn't refer to your marriage, i mean, that is incredible. and the level of information, the level of scrutiny, the articulation of the points that he's getting last time i was on the show, you asked me about this woman who -- black woman who was -- yeah, velma hart and she said is this my new reality? i've thought about that comment ever since she made it. really, what people are saying is we agree the recession is over and this may be the new normal. >> you know what, too? dick, stay right there. we'll talk more about it and i'll tell you actually what greenspan said at the end in an interview about his meeting in the backyard. meanwhile, as dick morris sticks around, we're going to discuss many things including are republicans aiming too low in the midterm elections? how they can take back 100 seats according to dick and tea party candidate christine o'donnell beat him fair and square but mike castle refused to concede.
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> >> expected to formally step down tomorrow. d.c. sources say he's going to move to chicago this weekend and immediately begin campaigning for mayor. sorry, my microphone is off. and then congressman mike castle says he will not run as a write-in candidate for delaware's senate seat. aides advised him running against tea party candidate christine o'donnell could backfire with conservative across the country. will he endorse her? >> we're back with dick morris, former clinton advisor, of course, fox news contributor and best selling author.
6:24 am
i was finishing up with that unscripted backyard conversation and one of the questions that he got was from david greenspan who asked him basically i'm a small business owner and i employ 130 people and he had a very direct question for him about what he's doing with his tax policy. afterwards he was interviewed and he said this, he's a very elegant man and well intentioned but this guy has never built anything. that sounds like something senator mccain would say. but -- >> yeah. it sure does. >> let me ask you this. it seems to me that maybe the -- president obama's advisors, they wanted him to go out and be with the real people at these backyard barbecues. it seems to me this is the first attempt at doing that and not really having looked at the polls for the last year, and now do you think they're surprised to hear the voices of the real people because it doesn't seem to be a good thing for obama to be in these situations? >> i know. i think they're shocked. they invited him to a barbecue, he didn't realize he was the meat. >> that's -- >> of course. >> but i think that -- that it's -- it really is terrible
6:25 am
for him because people are really expressing what's on their minds. and it's really incredible. >> of course. >> but dick, let's talk a little bit now about the midterms and i know there have been a million people out there making a million different projections. you say for the most part, the numbers we're hearing, too low. you say go big or stay home. you've got a number in your mind, what is it? >> well, there are 54 seats now held by democrats where republicans have the lead in published polls. then there are 19 other seats where republicans are within five points. that's a total of 73. >> right. >> and what i'm saying is the danger is not overconfidence. it's under confidence. people working very hard and they can't relax, they can't let up. we got to keep pushing. but i think there's a chance that the republicans could win as many as 100 seats. >> whoa! >> i'm predicting 60 to 80 now. it could go as high as 100 and the problem is that they're aiming too low.
6:26 am
what they're doing is they're focusing on the first 40 or 50 or 60 seats in washington, giving them all the money. but then beyond that, there are 10 or 15 or 20 or 30 other candidates who could win who were very close in the polls but nobody thought could win and as a result, they're not getting any resources so i'm saying that you need to raise the trajectory of your gun and fire further. so that you can actually hit those seats. but by the way, every morning, right before i watch "fox & friends", i take a blog and podcast on my web site, with the latest developments of the day and each day, it seems there are new races i didn't even know were in play that are coming into play. i just learned, for example, that jesse jackson jr. is only a few points ahead. >> right. right. there's been a scandal that's been released in chicago about that. let me ask you this, could it be a bad strategy to overreach? because then sometimes voters feel like hey, i guess i won't
6:27 am
go vote because it's such a slam dunk. >> done deal. >> no. i don't think people feel that this year. i think they're lining up at the polling places already. the level of intensity is incredible. people are so focused. that's why the republican primary turnout was much high he were than the democrat primary turnout throughout the country. i think that there's not much danger that people are going to stay home and be apathetic. not this year. they're tearing down the polling places. the danger is that too many resources will go into these early races. and the other thing, let me say, is that we're knocking off a lot of pawns. let's go for some rooks, castles and bishops like barney frank and steny hoyer. i'm going to launch a thing called project 100 to raise money to do that. i'll talk about it next week. >> right. you're way too productive. dick morris, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> all right. straight ahead, watch this, the feds say this is what could have happened -- watch the video, if the accused times square bomber
6:28 am
hadn't messed up. look. >> and that's not all that they're learning about the failed attack. >> plus new polls say democratic women are turning their backs on the party. does it spell doom for powerful female politicians like nancy pelosi? the debate when we come back. >> then one father waging war against his son's peewee football league. why? because some of the kids pray before games. imagine that. >> no kidding. >> happy birthday to fran drescher, the nanny! 54. [ female announcer ] there are endless reasons to get together during endless shrimp at red lobster. with endless servings of your favorite shrimp, from classics... to crunchy new parmesan shrimp. our bt value of the year right now, at red lobster.
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>> the interview on msnbc, levi johnston says he has no idea if
6:32 am
additional troops will help the war in afghanistan. which begs the question -- who the hell is asking levi johnston about strategy for afghanistan? what's going on with the world? >> the problem is he's running for mayor. and i think he -- >> of wasilla. >> he doesn't need to know strategy about afghanistan. >> the thing is -- he can see russia from his house so there you go. might have an opportunity to -- i saw -- i heard that interview, that was one of the highlights. that was one of the high moments for him. he's not as informed as you think. >> there you go. let's get some of the other headlines here now. in two hours from now, the u.s. department of labor will release those weekly jobless claims. analysts expect 5,000 fewer people to file for unemployment. last week's numbers had 465,000 people filing for jobless benefits. brian? >> ok, the confessed times square bomber bragged he wanted to murder at least 40 people when he planted a car bomb. feds releasing this video of what would have happened if faisal shahzad didn't botch the job.
6:33 am
>> the feds say shahzad's real time video feed of times square traffic. he watched them at his house to figure out when the streets were most crowded. he revealed that he was putting a second bomb, a bigger attack on new york two weeks later had he not been arrested after the first one. >> no kidding. you're looking at the first official photo of the man believed to be north korea's future leader. the 20-something year old son of kim jong-il is seated at the far left. the father to the far right of the photo published today on the cover of the country's main newspaper, this is the first picture we have seen of him since he was a little child. >> why is he his dad only wearing sunglasses? >> that hero pilot that safely brought his plane to a skidding stop at j.f.k. airport over the weekend back home in florida and while jack conroy is credited
6:34 am
with saving the lives of more than 60 people, he's not taking the credit. >> i'd like to thank the passenger who remained calm during the entire process and proved once again new yorkers are a special breed of people. >> conroyd, a former navy airman who was awarded a bronze star, a navy marine condemnation medal and five other awards. >>e booked the right guy. three time tour de france champion has been suspended from cycling. can you believe it? there's a problem with his blood test. i never heard of it in this sport. it turns out he had a banned steroid. the amount of the banned substance found is said to be very small. his spokesman said food contamination specifically, steve -- >> bad meat. >> bad meat is to blame. he'll hold a news conference to talk about it today. he faces a two year ban from the sport. not clear yet whether he'll be stripped of his title. it was a rookie mistake that ended up costing the rookie deal. cowboys wide receiver had refused to do the rookie right
6:35 am
of carrying a passenger -- carrying teammate's shoulder pads during training camp. the check finally came due. the damage, $55,000. that's a traditional pick up a meal day. the dinner was supposed to be only for the offense but more than 20 guys showed up for defense at a dallas steakhouse. making $2.8 million this year so you got to think he can afford it. finally, the toronto blue jays send gaston out in style. he's the manager. they wear fake mustaches during the win over the yankees to honor him. how better to say you're really good? with the first of three homers, javier vasquez hit a home run and did it as gaston retires. the yankees had a chance to go in first place but he pitched a guy that doesn't get any people out. they remain a half game behind
6:36 am
tampa. that's a quick look at the world of sports. >> you know when you grow up in small communities and there's traditions and you live by them for years and years and years and one person complains and it ruins it for everybody. that's what's going on in vernon, florida. there's a peewee football league. i think there are tons and tons of kids who belong to this. they say a prayer before they do the games every week. and it's sort of an inspirational way to get the kids in mood for the game. one parent has a problem with that and suing the city to stop it. >> yeah, his name is louie from. an assistant coach and what he says is his child is being singled out because he doesn't want to take part in the prayer before the peewee football game. the city says look, this is a private league. we don't take any government money. but he says you know what? you can say that but the sports field where they play puts them in a jam. you can see the meeting where they talked about the prayer
6:37 am
dispute. right now, the prayers will continue until the city attorney decides his opinion but the league president said this about it. >> in a different voice, she said we have been saying prayers for four years and started complaining -- and started complaining last year. he has a problem with prayer. don't have any problem with his nonbeliefs. he shouldn't have a problem with ours. a fine argument, your move, pal. >> e-mail us and let us know what you think of that whole situation. here we go again, it's one person against a whole town. that's where we come to. >> it's peewee football. the kid is a little kid. if you don't like it, just leave. just leave the league. it's not like it's going to impact his high school career. that won't happen for 10 years or so. let's take a look at what's going on with the weather. man, is it a big weather day. there you can see those are the remnants of tropical storm nicole, as you can see, going up the eastern seaboard just off
6:38 am
the coast of florida. let's go over to the next map and it shows you the 48 connected states and it will show you exactly where the storm is. there it is. it's off the east of florida but then from the mid atlantic, it is going to be a really big rain event. all the way from south carolina right up through new england. some spots and you can see thunderstorms associated with this and extremely heavy rain, 6 to 8 to 10 inches of rain in some spots before this thing is over in the next day and a half or so. balance of the country nice and dry on this thursday. let's take a look at the current readings right along the coast where that tropical moisture is. it's -- it's pretty nice. 73 right now in raleigh. we have 70 in new york city. temperatures in the 50's and 60's in the central plain states. pleasant day across the central plains. 75 in kansas city. meanwhile, the streams are 107 in phoenix and then you'll have 67 in caribou, maine.
6:39 am
over to you. >> democrats may be losing the strongest segment of their base. a recent poll shows that white women are the least enthusiasm about voting in november. and experts say this revelation may seal the party's fate for the midterms so what could be driving that change? didi myers is the former white house press secretary under bill clinton and wrote the forward for the new on-line book for jones, new york the little black book of career advice and heather higgins is the c.e.o. of independent women's voice. good morning to you guys. >> good morning. >> were you surprised when you saw that stat, only 27% are energized? >> i think if you look across the country, there's not that much enthusiasm particularly among democrats for the midterms. i think people are frustrated. the economy is still in the tank. unemployment is high. people don't feel like things are getting better and i think that they'd feel like, you know, politicians on both sides and incumbents in particular aren't solving their problems. heather? >> i think it's a little broader than that.
6:40 am
it's not just women. there are an awful lot of women who have never been engaged in politics before and have looked at the last years of policies and say oh, my god, this is not the country that i thought it was. this is going in a direction which -- this is part of what's really energizing women. this is going to have life long effects not only for myself but potentially for my children and my grandchildren. it's the first time they're wake up and thinking we may be leaving our children a dimmer future which is not what we're supposed to be doing in america. they were so appalled last year with obama care being passed despite huge public opposition and the way nancy pelosi handled it with tremendous arrogance, you know, you google her name, the word arrogant comes up over two million times with it and left wing comes up 2.7 million times. >> still only 27%. you're saying the opposite of what the poll says. that only 27% of white women are enthusiastic and white men are
6:41 am
really, really enthusiastic about the election. this year, we have more women in prime political positions as candidates than i can remember in a long time. and i think that's -- why would it be that? that is so exciting. every day, we're talking about yet another woman, thinking of carly fiorni, meg whitman, christine o'donnell, the list goes on and on. but white women aren't enthusiastic of going to the polls. >> there was no other statistics in the information that we got of what it looks like across the board. people are frustrated, excuse me, but i do think that we are seeing the new crop of women's candidates. a lot of them are conservatives. sarah palin in some ways has created a new model for women which i think is a very positive thing even though i disagee with them on policy. i think more women into the public -- more women as part of the argument is an incredibly positive thing for the country and look, more democrats, more women will look for democrats than republicans in this election cycle but at the end of the day, we'll see how it comes out. >> this election, nobody knows
6:42 am
how it's going to go down. let me ask you this. there's one thing that united all women no matter what party they're in. you touch on this a lot which is sort of the discrimination that they face for being a woman in general. now we're seeing this christine o'donnell thing play out in delaware. now there's another report this morning that claims that she didn't go to a place to get her degree and she says she hasn't even set up these web sites. i think it was a linkdon web site. she said she never created it. how do you see this whole thing, heather, with regard to the attacks that o'donnell has faceded? >> well, christine o'donnell is in this instance sounds like there's been somebody who set not a web site that was never hers to begin with and she gets attacked for it. it is largely as a piece and what i was trying to speak to before exactly what dee dee said, that was one question in the poll. independent women's voice did an enormous study of independents with an oversample of women. yes, they're not happy with what they're seeing but there is for those who are not going to stay home, there is a high level of
6:43 am
involvement and concern and they see the mid terms as being intensely important. and that is among women so i -- i'm not sure about quite how that question was phrased. >> you never know. >> the conclusions that they came up with. but there has long been a pattern of if a woman is strong and there are an awful lot of them. all the mama grizzlies out there, she is attacked precisely by those people who say they support strong women. because that -- if they're conservative because it breaks the template of how you're -->> i got to get in o'donnell's statement about that. this is what she said. there have been reports that i have released false information on a linkdon prefile under my name. this is categorically untrue. i never established a linkdon profile and authorized anyone to do so on my behalf. people have set up twitter accounts for me. >> i agree women have a higher bar. heez had a few incidents where she's been less than 100% accurate. but i think it's important that
6:44 am
we continue to empower women and that's why, you know, we're here bringing it into the process. i'm here -->> i gotta go. sorry. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> it's been called a marijuana myth for years but the truth is smoking pot could kill you. fox medical a team has the facts next. ♪ ♪ where'd you learn to do that so well. ♪ the new cadillac srx. the cadillac of crossovers. cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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6:47 am
them to snakes and then called their lending practices garbage. isn't that nice? the naked cowboy could become the naked president. a fixture of new york's times square. he's over there with his fruit of the loom. well, robert bourek said he's running for president in 2012 on a conservative platform, i believe. i'll follow that story. steve? >> thank you for being brief, brian. >> yeah. >> there are currently 14 states allowing the use of medical marijuana and this year alone, more than a dozen other states and their legislatures looked at similar bills and that's a scary thing considering that short term and long term health risks and dangers associated with marijuana, for instance, if you smoke a lot, you suddenly think the person on tv goes dark. i'm kidding. our medical a team, dr. koomer joins us right now. did the lights go out for a second? >> just a second. >> i know two states are going to vote on it in november, arizona and south dakota and in
6:48 am
california, they're deciding, you know, and it's so easy and there's some states where medical marijuana laws are on the books. so easy for people to get marijuana if they talk to somebody at one of these dispenseries into it. there are long term effects. tell us how it affects your heart. >> they're finding it can increase your risk of heart attacks almost five times. when you take marijuana for the first few hours after you take marijuana, your heart rate increases dramatically. it can increase up to 20 beats or even up to 100 beats more. which puts a lot of pressure on to your heart. if you're abusing this drug, you're doing it a lot. this whole subject is a very controversial issue. we know that it does benefit some keem who are sick. cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy. >> people who are in so much pain, it seems to help them. a lot of people who use medical marijuana are misusing it because they're getting it on the down low. >> that's the problem with this. this is where the slippery slope argument comes in. it can start to be abused and people are abusing the
6:49 am
dispenseries by getting too much of marijuana or they're smoking and saying they're using it for medicinal purposes. when you smoke it, it can affect your lungs. it actually is a carcinogen, it can affect your lungs as well. >> plus the mental capacity, surely slows down reaction. >> remember the commercials with the fried egg. this is your brain on drugs. back in the is the 1990's, that's exactly what happens. your thinking skills are compromised, your functional skills are compromised. >> from a medical point of view, if a lot of people who get this who don't need it, this is bad for them. >> long term and short term, negative side effects and it has to be controlled by your physician. >> all right. great to have you here, our physician. thanks for dropping by. meanwhile, straight ahead, mcdonald's is doing major damage control this morning. somebody leaked a plan claiming the fast food giant wants to cut employee health benefits. stu varney says get ready for a whole bunch more of stuff like that. then bill maher says republicans are all religious lunatics. he has entered the no spin zone!
6:50 am
>> you are mocking people who actually have sincere beliefs and follow people like jesus who did very good things, you mock them. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continu ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote.
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6:53 am
>> when it comes to president obama's health care reform, mcdonald's apparently not loving it. a new report in "the wall street journal" this morning says the fast food giant is considering dropping health coverage for 30,000 workers. >> stuart varney has more on this and he says this spells big trouble for the president and
6:54 am
democrats so close to the election. why mcdonald's in particular coming out with this story, why does that hurt? >> here's the story. "the wall street journal" has gotten hold of a letter written by mcdonald's to the authorities in washington about health care. that letter says and i'm quoting, it would be economically prohibitive for our carrier to continue offering coverage. that's to the 30,000 mcdonald's employees who get this low cost, low benefit coverage right now. mcdonald's is saying, economically, not good with the health care reform act in place. mcdonald's this morning turns around and says false story. not true. we're not considering dropping coverage. health and human services turns around this morning and says, the story is wrong. but those two denials leave out the fact that this letter was written and mcdonald's is saying that under health care reform, the way it's written, we can't afford to keep on giving this
6:55 am
coverage. so it's an argument about the rules. >> let's take a look at what mcdonald's is saying this morning. media reports that we plan to drop health care coverage for employees are false. they are speculative, misleading and intended to garner attention. mcdonald's is committed to providing competitive pay and benefits. when was that letter written? that's what i want to know. when did they write that letter to washington? >> i don't know exactly when. it was way before today, obviously. this letter has come to surface i think for the past month. >> and in particular, they say that they along with other trade groups are saying they want to -- the government to loosen its requirement for mini medical plans, mini ones that go out to low income wage earners. >> there's 1.4 million people that are covered with this mini med policies. >> that's really regardless of this -- >> yeah, that coverage is under threat because of health care reform. >> varney & company coming up at 9:20. that show is on and it's thriving. thanks so much, stuart.
6:56 am
>> thank you. >> coming up on the show, the government has a plan to shut down certain border patrol stations? the same stations that just cost taxpayers millions of dollars in stimulus cash to open? >> and he's both a marine and former democrat. live next hour, he's on a mission to unseat democrat congressman barney frank. smoke. the one thing about smoking -- is it dominates your life, and it dominated mine. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. ♪ it was very interesting that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill that stays with you all day to help you quit. in studies, 44% of chantix users were quit during weeks 9 to 12 of treatment, compared to 18% on sugar pill. it's proven to reduce the urge to smoke. i did have an unopened pack of cigarettes in my purse... i said, you know, "bye, i don't need you any more, you're not my crutch, i don't need a crutch."
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with other quit-sming products. ♪ with the chantix and with the support system, it worked for me. [ male announcer ] talk to your doctor about chantix. find out how you can save money on your prescription and learn terms and conditions at >> top of the morning to you. it's thursday and it's
6:59 am
september 30, 2010. thanks for sharing your time with us. president obama draws fire from voters at the latest stop on his great american backyard tour. >> you're sort of strangling the engine that does create the jobs, the fundamentals are profit. >> how did the president respond? we'll show you next. >> body language didn't look promising. new york gubernatorial tea party candidate carl paladino won't back down to anyone, not even the press. >> stay away from me! >> what evidence do you have? >> listen, all right? >> when did you hear about it? >> who's that -- >> what set paladino off? we'll find out. >> that's good. i got to see that. meanwhile, 23 million of our tax dollars spent to give border patrol stations an extreme make-over. at our canadian border. the problem -- a year later, some of them being shut down. all that money, down the drain. seriously? that's right. that and much more on this
7:00 am
thursday, "fox & friends" which starts right now. >> this is jimmie johnson, you're watching "fox & friends." >> i had that close and play and someone opened it so therefore -- i had the close and play. the record player. we used to be able to put a record in in a little suitcase and walk around with it and then some engineer made the walkman and then we got an ipod and then i got the show. >> close and play. >> yeah. little record, it was an amazing invention. >> you're brilliance sometimes does this to me. >> thank you very much. >> all right. we have to start with a fox news alert, with some sad news. hollywood legend tony curtis has died at the age of 85. he was famous for his roles in "some like it hot" with jack lemmon, "the defiant ones" and the clark county, nevada, coroner says he suffered a heart
7:01 am
attack at his las vegas home. he appeared in more than 100 films and was 85. a vital supply route for u.s. and nato forces have been cut off by pakistan. they claim a nato helicopter fired on and killed three pakistani troops so they've blocked off the border crossing into afghanistan in retaliation. nato was investigating the allegations to see if they're linked to operations in the area. the first of the guantanamo bay detainee trials is getting under way in new york. he faces life in prison for his alleged part in the 1998 bombing of two u.s. embassies in africa. his trial is a big test, of course, for president obama's decision to have terror suspects tried in the civilian justice system. two potential jurors include a man who lost a friend in the 9/11 attacks and another who admits he has problems with islam. an angry fight in new york's race for governor. but not between the candidates. watch as tea party conservative carl paladino confronts a "new
7:02 am
york post" reporter who he claims unfairly targeted his 10-year-old daughter for a story. >> i want to know why you sent your goons after my daughter. you send another goon to my daughter's house and i'll take you out, buddy! >> the argument almost comes to blows as you can see as paladino's campaign manager steps in to break it all up. >> that's it. stay away from me! [beep] you. >> you're so out of line! >> well, i'm telling you what -- >> get out of my face. step back. >> meantime, paladino claims he'll soon produce evidence that his democratic rival cheated on his ex-wife carrie kennedy when they were married. that's what sparked that whole thing where paladino's claims about cuomo. >> uh-huh. >> ok. it's been a tough few weeks since their summer break so congress is going home and they haven't even passed a budget. steve centanni joins us now from washington with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, gretchen, the protest of many members, both
7:03 am
republicans and democrats, congress adjourned eight days early to hit the campaign trail. even though some members were already at the airport, the vote came around midnight to wrap up business and head home. this after approving a stop gap spending bill to keep the government running until december. the permanent budget bills have not yet been passed. republicans were critical of democrats for avoiding a politically perilous debate on the bush tax cuts that are set to expire at the end of the year. >> i think the one thing we can clearly say, they have a unified desire to leave town. and that is the reason that we will be heading out of town to make our cases to the november people this november. >> some democrats also thought congress should stay in session longer. senator michael bennett of colorado saying in a statement that the senate should be more concerned about doing what's right for the country and less concerned about the campaign season. now, there were also democratic members of the house who opposed early adjournment but that
7:04 am
measure passed by one vote. some work did get done including budgets for intelligence and for nasa and the bill to compensate 9/11 first responders. there will be a lame duck session of congress and that begins november 15th after the election. gretchen? >> steve centanni live to us in d.c. thank you very much. >> you remember when president obama did so well in iowa and gave birth to this campaign, of course, beating hillary clinton and then winning the presidency. he won it handily. things have changed in iowa especially if you look at the governor's race, the democratic governor is trailing by almost 20 points in his attempt to hold on to that seat. maybe that's sows the seed of what foreshadows. so contentiousness in the backyard give and take that we saw with people yesterday. >> yesterday, a fellow by the name of david greenspawn, the owner of competitor edge advertising there in des moines, he certainly proves that this
7:05 am
was an unscreened crowd. this guy worked to get romney elected president. when that didn't work out, he signed on to get john mccain elected president. that didn't work out either. he does not like the president standing in the way of continuing with the bush tax cuts at the conclusion of this year. so when given the chance, david greenspawn took the microphone and asked the president about this. >> you're sort of strangling, you know, the engine that does create the jobs, the fundamentals are profit. $250,000, well, if you're two people in a family, that's not a lot. it seems like a lot. but not when you have the family, the kids, the cars, the college and all the other things that go plus you have to grow the engine. you have to grow it to continue to provide more jobs and to create the dreams. >> i have signed eight small business tax cuts since i came into office and the package that we signed this week cut taxes in
7:06 am
eight more ways so your taxes haven't gone up. >> we don't really show it there. between that question that he had asked and mr. obama's answer, the president actually cut him off. he was still asking a question when the president said, ok. let me get on that. >> what he doesn't mention about those eight small business tax cuts is part of those, there was a lot of spending, too. a mean there was a lot of bailout involved in some of those tax cuts and also, he doesn't really respond to the question because there will be a tax hike for that guy and his business if the democrats and republicans don't extend tax cuts to everyone so he's really not answering the complete question. the overarching theme for me here is what advisors told president obama this was going to be a good idea to go to these backyard barbecues? i don't think that these -- these have not been good if you're president obama because you have seen people criticize him and usually that doesn't happen when you're highly strategizing these types of events.
7:07 am
>> remember, bill clinton said last week after velma hart got up and asked that very question, i'm tired of defending you and went on from there, the president needs to hear that. should embrace that. that's an opportunity if you have the answer. if you have the answer that's going to help you out, you can do it. now, afterwards, they -- more on david, david employs about 130 people. he takes a lot of his money and plows it back into his company. but he gets taxed before he can do that. so he gets taxed before he can have any income and then he decides a lot of times, i'm going to put it back in, hire more people. he called the president eloquent, well intentioned, but he said this guy has never built anything. >> sure. >> and as embarrassing as that is, keep in mind, this guy voted republican whereas last week with velma hart, she said i supported you and i'm defending you and i'm exhausted and is this my new reality? the new reality for the white house is when they go out there now, sometimes the president might get ambushed. >> so i was expecting a lot of fireworks last night. it was bill o'reilly vs. bill
7:08 am
maher. they are pretty much on opposing points of view on most topics. take a look at what happened when they started discussing republicans and democrats. >> you were, when i first met you and you were doing the abc show, not nearly as liberal as you are today. how did that happen? >> the country changed. >> you didn't change? the country changed? >> basically, yes. i mean, at some point in the last 20 years, the left moved to the center. and the right moved into a mental institution. i mean, there used to be ideological differences that were understandable and there used to be moderate republicans. that has gone away. i mean, the republican party now is just a bunch of religious lunatics and civil war actors. i don't think it was me who changed so much. >> and he goes on to say that, you know, while there are extremists on the right side, you know, the left really doesn't have any extremists and then o'reilly said what about
7:09 am and media matters, he says i don't think they're extreme. >> he has no idea. >> he would be so much more credible if he admitted he was extreme on the other side. everybody knows he is. >> people can tell that. he just mentioned religious fanatics and stuff like that. tonight on "o'reilly" it's part two and they talk about religion. here's a snippet and a preview. >> you are championing faith which is the purposeful suspension of critical thinking. that is not what i'm doing. >> no, you are mocking people who actually have sincere beliefs and follow people like jesus who did very good things. you mock them. you denigrate them. you make them or try to make them look stupid. that's not noble, bill. it's not noble. >> did a whole documentary religiousocity, or something like that. >> i believe he's an atheist. >> loud and clear. >> let's talk about your stimulus money hard at work. here we go with the pig and the
7:10 am
pork. in montana, a lot of stimulus money, i think it was $8.5 million went into rehabbing and spiffing up this border patrol station on the border of canada there. well now, apparently, a senator, democrat in montana says you know what? let's just close this thing down now because the canadians don't really have any interest in helping us out with this whole border patrol station. let's close it down. we spent that money. no big deal. >> the problem -- ok, so here's the problem, we were -- all those stimulus dollars, 23 million going to improve at some of these border patrol crossings. border stations, ports as they call them. to spend $8 million on the way we highlighted on the map, white tail is in a rural area. it's predominantly used by farmers but it's crazy that they would start spending $8 million on it. nobody ever picked up the phone and said hey, canada, we're going to spend $8 million on our side. what are you going to do? had they picked up the phone, they would have found out canada
7:11 am
would have said you are? we're closing our side which effectively, we close our side as well. >> this is another example of the president being let down by his own party. he can't go ahead and decide what station should be painted and refurbished or not. he counted on his party, local politicians to come up with real programs and real projects that needed real funding. and now he looks bad because this is clearly a waste. >> you know how they used to show that that station was closed at night? they put orange cones out before 9/11. things changed. and that's why they said they needed more money to spiff up the joint. now they got the money and they're going to close it down. >> all right. 11 minutes after the top of the hour, coming up straight ahead, he's both a marine and former democrat. now shawn bielat is trying to kick barney frank out of congress. we'll talk to him next. >> the documentary "waiting for superman" blames teachers unions for the sad state of our nation's schools in many cases and it offered solutions as well. one of the star educators
7:12 am
featured in that film who talks about superman will join us live. [ male announcer ] you can dream of completely transforming how new york city manages i.t. or, like bmc software, you can dream it and do it. bmc lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange.
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it's pretty cool. [ woman ] you just feed your check in. feed the money right in. no deposit slips. no looking for an envelope. i have an image of my check right here. i can gea picture of the check, on the receipt. it even tes what kind of bills i put in. [ man ] you just put the bills right in. itven did the math for me. -four twentys. -a ten. -two fives. -a hundred bucks. -it's all right here. ♪ i'm done, i'outta here. [ male announcer ] quick and easy deposits. with atms from bank of america. ♪ >> his seat in congress has been safe for 14 straight terms but now for the first time since 1980, democrat barney frank in massachusetts is facing his most
7:15 am
serious opponent, a marine. >> yep, sean bielat, a political newcomer says this is a -- this is a battle worth fighting for and joins us from massachusetts. barney frank was unavailable to join us this morning but has agreed to come on "fox & friends" next week. but now for you, sean, you were a democrat. you are no longer. why? >> that's right. well, the democratic party moved away from me. there's a lot of people here in massachusetts who can identify to that. people who grew up democrats, their parents were democrats, and at a certain point, they wake up and say, you know what? this party no longer represents me. i need something different and they shift over and so you saw that on january 19th when so many people here in massachusetts voted for scott brown. you'll see it again this november when people come over to me and people go to charlie baker and you see more republicans get elected here in the state of massachusetts. >> when you're talking about numbers, let's take a look. i know the internal polling right now shows barney frank with about 48%. you've got 38%. 13% undecided. but the key is with independents
7:16 am
you have a 17 point lead and i know you know that. what's interesting, though, sean, is that here you are facing off against an iconic democrat in congress. and as you travel around, over the last year, people have gotten smart and they realize that the housing bubble and housing bust and the banking crisis all have one thing in common and in many cases, that's barney frank so they know that he had a hand in it somehow. right? >> absolutely. it comes up every town hall i have. every talk i give. all over the district, people come up and say, you're going to talk about fannie and freddie, right? you're going to talk about his role, barney frank's role in getting where we are today. we have high unemployment and we have a housing collapse. we have, you know, a bad economy and a lot of that comes back to these bad policies of pushing home ownership to people who couldn't afford homes. >> by the way, if anyone thinks that congressman barney frank is safe and they're making up the threat, why else would he bring in bill clinton if he didn't feel threatened and he's brought him in to campaign for him?
7:17 am
now, barney frank delivers for his district. sean, are you willing to tell your district i'm delivering for the country, not just for you? >> that's absolutely right. if you look at what barney has delivered to the district, first, it's the damage that he's caused to the country. the high unemployment here in the district, the loss of value in homes. i think people will -- most people will realize it's not even a close to even trade. so it's much more important that we get representatives into washington who are going to be good for national policy and in this way, take care of the constituents. >> sean, exactly what was your estimation barney frank's role, what did he do exactly that helped get us to where we are today? >> well, again, you go back to fannie and freddie. he pushed repeatedly and pushed at length on many different occasions the testimonies out there, the public statements, the tv clips of him pushing to prevent anybody from bringing in fannie and freddie's lending practices. he really wanted to extend home
7:18 am
ownership. he believes there should be universal home ownership regardless of people's ability to pay. that put us on a perilous financial footing and we were underwriting loans that we shouldn't have been. that's actually or unfortunately is on the hook for that. >> he's a veteran politician with about $12 million in the bank so as a marine, this will be a big mission for them. >> that's a little on the high side. it's more like $2 million. he does have a big fundraising advantage. >> ok. he does. you're right. $2 million. my fault. >> he's a veteran politician and you're a veteran of the marines. sean bielat, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> you bet. word is barney frank will be with us next week. >> that would be great. coming up straight ahead, the youth vote is credited with getting president obama into office. but john stossel said we'd be better off if young people stayed away from the polls. he is next. he's nodding. >> get away from that plasma screen! joe biden. then meg whitman under fire for hiring a nanny that's also in this country illegally but the g.o.p. nominee for governor in
7:19 am
california says there's another side to the story. hear from her straight ahead. [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision.
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>> a new poll found that 41% of americans don't know who the vice president is. in response, joe biden was like all right, all right. at least give me a hint. >> that's funny but also true. election day is just 33 days away and it's the time of year we are all told we've got to head to the polls and vote! >> don't let anything stop you from voting. >> nothing. nothing. >> please, please vote. >> vote! >> one thing is certain -- >> vote. >> your vote. >> your vote is critical.
7:23 am
>> but wait a minute, should everyone vote even if they're not informed? >> that's the topic on tonight's episode of "stossel" based on a true story on the fox business network and joining us now the great john stossel himself. what's the message that stossel is purveying today? >> that all these people saying get everyone to vote. let's go to rock concerts and register the kids. why? kids often don't know anything. i don't want them to vote. we took pictures -- >> you don't want kids to vote because they are entitled to vote. >> like dumb adults. >> they shouldn't vote either? >> i mean, we took some pictures of well known people, people you should know outside and asked people. like john boehner, we asked people who is this? we have the video? >> we do. >> so who's this guy? >> what? looks like tom brokaw. >> who's this? >> that's a good question. i have no idea. >> almost no one we asked knew
7:24 am
who john boehner was. >> you know who this is? >> most people we asked didn't know who she was. >> i don't know. >> in need of botox. i have no idea. >> or this one. >> you know who this is? >> this is the situation. the situation! >> i actually had no clue who this guy is. he's a character on a current hot reality show. but many more people knew him than the leaders of congress. >> oh! the situation! >> mike the situation. >> i know that one. i don't know the vice president, though. >> so if you don't know the vice president, don't vote. those people -- >> how embarrassing is his mom. mom, i'm so proud fortunate. i know the situation's abs more than the veriice president's ha. >> this is how they get in the system, they realize younger voters aren't aware of what's going on. what do they do? they appeal to rock the vote. that's why they show up on mtv or wind up going on the steven colbert show to get the people who aren't paying attention like
7:25 am
we are all the time. >> and if you want to say look, i'm a democrat. young people vote democratic. we want to get more of them to vote, ok. but to just say oh, we're doing something holy for the country. we're getting everyone to vote. voting is important. >> you want everybody to do brain surgery? no. >> i wonder if you went out and actually did a scientific study, i wonder if more adults or more young people are stupid about politics. because i would -- >> i think young people. >> i think a lot of adults are dumb about it, too. >> yeah. but don't people -- i mean, most of us didn't get interested in politics until we were a little older. >> sure. when you think of the younger voters, in many cases from kids i know who go to school with my children is that the kids voted one way and it was completely contrary to the way their parents voted. >> when i was young, he thought big government could solve our problems. i got smarter when i got older. >> do you remember "happy days" when tom bozly went for ike and
7:26 am
richie went for stevenson. >> we like to deal with real life. >> i didn't know. >> we don't. >> last election, i asked people who's this? most people didn't know. they didn't know who sarah palin was. we asked them who is -- who's this? almost nobody knew. but they all knew judge judy. >> and this time they all knew who she was. >> the queen of the papparazzi. >> yeah. >> i don't mind if they know all those people as long as they also know the politicians. doubly smart. >> you want your vote cancel that for those who don't know they're voting for. >> i don't want these people to say aren't i wonderful? i got all these people to vote. >> the great john stossel. yeah. >> the colossal stossel? >> i like that. fantastic. >> all right. great to see you, john. >> better than stossel fossil. >> that's true. >> well, there's a brand new movie out that's spectacular called "waiting for superman." it doesn't just criticize teachers union but also offers
7:27 am
solutio solutions. we'll talk with one of the star educators features in the film, he's the real superman. he's next. >> we'll give him a note so he can go to school late today. call it beginner's luck, the teen girl that took up hunteding and nabbed a bear four times her size using a bow and arrow. >> that's some good shooting. and mike tyson from his fists to his feet and it's danceoff goes toe to toe with brian. straight ahead. the universe is changing captain too bad these cheap props aren't but la quinta is! la quinta inns and suites? yeah, buddy changing? lets take a gander captain they are changing! they have thousands of new rooms! and lots of neato new lobbies! they're even better than before book rooms at hey, who's captain here? (laughing) wake up on the bright side at la quinta inns and suites
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la quinta! like medicare. this year, like always, we'll have our guaranteed benefits, anwithhe new healthcare law, more good things are coming: free check-ups, lower prescription costs, and better ways to protect us and medicare from fraud. see what else is new. i think you're gonna like it. ♪
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7:30 am
>> time for the shot of the morning. a 17-year-old michigan girl may be blessed with more than beginner's luck. she killed a 448 pound bear with just a bow and an arrow during a hunting trip to canada last month. the amazing part, it was her first time hunting.
7:31 am
bear was 16 yards away from her when she hit it. >> 16 feet away? oh, man. >> it was do or die. >> was there a parent there with a bazooka in case she missed. >> i don't know. that's quite an accomplishment. >> no kidding. thanks for joining us on this thursday. we have some other headlines. the self-confessed times square bomber bragging that he wanted to murder at least 40 people in times square when he planted his car bomb there. the feds releasing video of what would have happened if faisal shahzad had actually succeeded. watch this. >> meanwhile, the feds revealed yesterday that shahzad watched real-time video feeds of times square traffic to figure out when the street was the most crowded, the most people he could kill and shahzad says he was planning a second bigger attack on new york two weeks later after he was successful. thankfully he was not. >> this is a horribly disturbing story.
7:32 am
two rutgers university students have been arrested now and accused of illegally posting a video of a classmate's gay sexual encounter on the internet. then what happened? last week, the 18-year-old threw himself off the george washington bridge after learning his encounter was secretly recorded. the post on his facebook page said -- jumping off the george washington bridge. sorry. his body is still missing. steve? >> meanwhile, meg whitman, the republican candidate for california governor said she wasn't aware her long time housekeeper was an illegal alien from mexico. on the campaign trail, she's called for tougher sanctions against employers who hire illegals, the attorney for the former maid gloria allred says she'll release evidence later today showing whitman knew the woman was here illegally. brian, it's time for some sports and dancing maybe? >> perhaps. that's when i'm most at home. we know what mike tyson is up to these days now that he retired from boxing. check out the former baddest man
7:33 am
in the planet doing a remake of bobby brown's "every little step you take" with wayne brady. >> ♪ call my own and as a matter of fact ♪ >> every little step hit number 3 on the pop charts way back in 1989. he was too busy fighting people. and who has the better moves? the former heavyweight champ. i think it's a dead heat. i don't really -- >> are you kidding me? >> i'm not sure. >> going to friends at and don't worry, mike tyson we can't find you. you can vote and be honest. you know what the thing that sells me is his face tattoo. it just works. all right. >> he's mainstream now. can you believe it? >> so are you dancing wise we just saw it on tv. >> meanwhile, let's take a look. it's a big weather day. flood watches are in effect from south carolina to new hampshire in advance of what's left of tropical storm nicole. take a look at the next map and
7:34 am
north carolina declaring a state of emergency as the state's coastal residents are being drenched with heavy rain. dumped over five inches of rain in north florida and moving to the north, as you can see here. they say from the mid atlantic up into the northeast, anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of rain will fall before it is all done so clearly, there are worries of flash flooding along low lying areas. and that's your fox travelcast. gretch? > >> thank you, steve. documentary "waiting for superman" is stirring up debate about the poor condition of public schools in america. so why the title? >> one of the saddest days of my wife was when my mother told me superman did not exist. i was in the fourth grade. but my mother -- i was like ma, you think superman -- superman is not real. he's not -- what do you mean? no, he's not real. she thought i was crying because it was like santa claus is not
7:35 am
real. and i was crying because there was no one coming with enough power to save us. >> and that's how the movie opens. and the man you just saw in that clip, jeffrey canada has dedicated his life now to rescuing kids from the bleak future that results from poor education. he's the president and c.e.o. for harlem children zone, a charter school that's been hailed by president obama and he's my guest this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen, how are you? >> i'm doing just fine. what an amazing movie this is. >> well, i just really hope that people see this movie and understand what this nation is facing. >> uh-huh. here's what you say in the movie. we need to shatter the myth that it's a lie that poor kids cannot become educated. >> that's right. we have a whole group of people in this country who have given up and just accepted failure and not just accepted it for a year or two. there are places where children have not gotten an education for 40 to 50 years! and we have doomed these kids in our jails and prisons are filled with folks that can't read and
7:36 am
can't write and we just allow that to go on as if that's good business for america and i think it's a crime. >> it is criminal in a sense. you are trying to help kids, though. you have 1,200 kids in your school. tell us what makes your school different. >> well, we have a longer school day. we have a longer school year. my school goes through the first week of august. look, if kids are failing, we think the adults simply can't stop at 3:00 and all go home and say everything is fine and take off from june and don't show back up until september even if young people we know are failing. we take this as a crisis and we think you've got to do whatever you need to do to make sure those kids are going to be successful. >> consequently, 90% of the kids who go to your school go to college. >> we have, you know, our school right now, we have 11th graders, if you look at how these kids are doing on the regents, we have 90% on their way to college. but i guarantee you, we're going to get 100% of our kids in college. >> if you're in charge, i guarantee you it will happen. >> failure is not an option for
7:37 am
these kids. >> this is harlem. you have those kinds of stats. here's the other thing you say in the movie. education, the pipeline to education should start at birth. you stay with these kids, you stay with them when they're toddlers and you watch them all the way through until they graduate from college. >> look, if you know that over the last 50 years, certain communities have had just horrendous outcomes for children and those kids we know enter kindergarten behind. why wait for the five years to let those kids get behind? let's catch those kids up from the beginning. >> uh-huh. the movie or the documentary really does a job on unions. >> yeah. >> and i know you've been on the show before and you agreed with the depiction of unions in this movie, don't you? >> yes. and people are mad at me because i fundamentally believe if you cannot teach children, you should be fired and people think that's revolutionary! oh, my god, i can't believe the guy says that. it's like we have been told that this is off the table, right? people that we can prove cannot
7:38 am
teach should keep their jobs for life. no matter how many children they destroy during their career, i think that's ridiculous. and if people get mad because i say they're going to be mad, the work rules that prohibits us from keeping the best teachers in the classroom for america's children has to change. >> uh-huh. here's somebody who is mad at you and this is a woman who runs the union. here's what she says. the film casts several outliars in starring roles, bad teachers and teacher unions as the villians and charter schools as heroes ready to save the day. that's randy weingarten, american federation of teachers. how do you like being called an outliar, jeffrey? >> you know, here's the deal. people are acting like all this movie celebrating charter schools as if they're not public schools. they're public schools. they get public money to educate kids. >> less money than other public schools. >> they get less money than you get in other public schools to educate and look, the movie says on most of the charter schools aren't living up to the standard either but you know what? we can close them. and we should close them.
7:39 am
but we can't stop innovation. the ability to figure out what works has to go on in this country and then we have to scale it across america. >> the guy who made this movie, davis guggenheim, here's what he said when he first saw you. i was sitting at a panel in toronto with bill gates when jeffrey started talking. bill and i looked at each other, we shook our heads and we said this guy is the singular best voice we have on education and how we're going to fix our schools. that's a lot of responsibility for you to have on your shoulders but how do you take what you have done? how do you take that, jeffrey and put that in all the other public schools that need your help? >> well, look, i'm going to stand with our mayor and our chancellor. they have called for clear reform in the state of new york and we're reformers of beginning to tackle this issue, we got to come together and support that ever. we've got to get everyone in america to think this is the most important issue and we've got to remove the barriers that are blocking reform in this country. >> what's gonna happen as a
7:40 am
result of this documentary, jeffrey? because every american should see this, number one. but what do you think is going to happen? >> well, this is what we have to have happen. we've got to create innovative solutions. we can't -- you know what, if the schools fail 25 years and you know they're going to do exactly the same thing this year, that they failed that for 25 years, that kind of craziness has to end. we've got to go to the educator and say it's our job to come up with innovation and we've got to fix it and look, if it means we adults have to work longer, then we have to work longer. we can't let america's children down. >> well, you are the superman of this movie and you're the superman of harlem. and you have saved a lot of lives there and hats off to you. >> well, i think a lot of us care about this and it's a team effort and i think we're going to do this. >> all right. great to see you. thanks. >> thank you. >> steve, brian? >> as you probably know this, they say that open up only in los angeles and new york, they're averaging $35,000 per screening. it's an all time documentary
7:41 am
record already. just two cities and four theaters. can you imagine when this goes nationwide? incredible story. >> when things get better, i'm going to blame canada. all right. jeffrey, thank you very much. >> can't wait. >> straight ahead, we welcome our soldiers home with open arms but the one thing america can't give them -- a job. next, help for heroes who are struggling after they have returned from war. >> plus big news this morning, heidi klum, why she's quitting the job that created her career. >> first, the trivia question of the day -- [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line.
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7:44 am
you've got to try it, >> time for the news by the numbers. 56,000, that's 56,000 foreclosures that are called off. those home owners can stay in their houses because somebody made mistakes on the paperwork. thousands more with other banks could be affected. next, $27 million. that's how much it would cost new york city to change its 250,000 street signs from lower case to caps. the request comes from federal copy editors. please! finally, 13 years. that's how long the legendary career of heidi klum has lasted at a victoria's secret model.
7:45 am
the 37-year-old now says she's calling it quits to work on other projects like project runway. seal, it ain't so. >> all right, brian. >> they put their lives on the line every day to protect ours but when our troops came home, they face an entirely different battle. a battle to provide for their families. finding a job isn't easy and combat boots and fatigues don't quite work in the corporate world. thanks to the good people at jcpenney and j.a. apparel, there is help. they have teamed up with the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america to spend millions of dollars on new clothes for them to work at presumably new jobs. joining us right now to tell us more, we have the president of j.a. brand group and spokesperson for the welcome home joe program along with three veterans of iraq and afghanistan wars as well. jonathan robinson who recently found a job outside the military.
7:46 am
also we've got scott spalding and joao hang currently looking for jobs. thank you all for joining us. jonathan, let's start with you, tell me where you served and we'll start with that. >> ebbiok. i served in fallujah, iraq and been out since 2006. >> which branch of the military? >> marine corps. >> scott, where were you? >> i was a marine in fallujah and did another tour in iraq and in afghanistan and later in haiti and i got out in april. >> april of this past year. >> i served in the united states army, the technology division and i served in afghanistan and baghdad, iraq and i've been out since 2006. >> been out since 2006 and you have had trouble finding a job, right? >> yes, sir. >> why do you think that is? >> sometimes it is an issue of translating skills, certain skill sets into a certain world. it's very competitive right now. economic situation is not so good and no exception for veterans as well. >> the economy is not helping any of you guys.
7:47 am
now, jonathan, i think you said that when you went to a p.r. agency, edelman which you now work for. >> that's right. yeah. >> you found that your military experience helped open the door for you. >> i think that's right. smart employers recognize the intangible benefits that veterans bring to the table, the dependability and can do. >> sure, what are you doing for the p.r. company now? >> i work in public affairs. >> good. at the same time, you wonder whether or not some of the great things you learned in the military were helpful to you now because now you're looking for a job and what's going on? >> i'm looking for jobs in development and development -- international development and it's hard to translate my work that i did in development in the military because they're a little bit stand-offish towards the military sometimes. >> uh-huh. >> so -- >> so it doesn't translate so well, military to the civilian world. >> uh-huh. >> so you are looking, because
7:48 am
you've been out of work for a while, you know, one of the things that the government doesn't do is we're going to give you some nice clothes to go on an interview. when that time comes. that's where you come in with welcome home joe. >> absolutely. our brand in conjunction with jcpenney are going to give up to a million dollars away in clothing to our returning vets. it's important. you know, really 11.2% of our returning vets can't find work. that's almost 250,000 of them coming back to a huge recession and this is after they've had multiple deployments and hardships on their families. so what we want to do is help them transition from combat to career by giving them work wear to help them climb the corporate ladder. >> sure. all right. i know the program starts tomorrow and for people who want more information, they can go to our web site. how important is this to you? >> i think it will be really helpful. i mean, this is a different look and i think it will add a dash
7:49 am
of class. >> scott, while you're here, i know you're looking for a job. there are many people watching right now. what can you do? where are you willing to move to? >> i'm willing to go anywhere. i'm looking for jobs hopefully back over in afghanistan or in haiti again. >> what would you like the job to be? >> something with nongovernmental agencies or something along those lines. that's where i've applied so far. >> what kind of job are you looking for? >> job in government, some place like the state department. >> and if anybody is watching right now and they know that they can help these two guys get a job, now that they've got some new clothes, e-mail us at friends at and we will put you in contact with them. all right. jonathan, scott, joao, we thank you all and thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> good luck to you. all right. help them, if you can. all right. straight ahead, more democratic heavyweights are turning their backs on nancy pelosi. could she lose her leadership? the debate coming up next.
7:50 am
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>> answer to the trivia question from pfizer. jenna elfman. the winner is jean krause. where does she live? frederick, maryland. go find her. house speaker nancy pelosi promised she would drain the swamp of corruption in washington. now they are delaying key ethics trials for charlie rangel and maxine waters until the midterms are over. why are the democrats stalling? here for a fair and balanced debate, fox news contributors juan williams in washington, d.c., andrea tinteros is 100 feet away in new york.
7:54 am
first thing is first, juan. are you surprised by the delay? after all, charlie rangel wanted this done right away. >> absolutely. but, you know what? this is just typical of the party in power, whoever it may be. they try to protect people and, of course, they can't protect charlie rangel or maxine waters because both of them wanted these trials to go forward. they're trying to clear their names but they're not looking out for the broader political interest of their party. they're willing to have this become a spectacle right before the election. democrats don't want that. but this is behavior that's difficult. the republicans were in charge and it was a republican on the hot seat, i think you'd see the same thing. >> andrea, do you buy that? do you think republicans would delay the same way? >> no, because we saw when republicans had their own ethical troubles with mark foley in particular, he was thrown out of congress so i completely disagree. look, rangel and waters are close political allies of nancy pelosi. and the liberal from california who invited steven colbert to testify is also, brian, the
7:55 am
ethics committee chairwoman. it's her job to set the stage and the schedule for the hearings for rangel and waters. so she has time to bring a clown in but she doesn't have time to bring those other two clowns in. >> comedian. >> because they're close to pelosi. >> all right. very good point. let me tell you what the republican members are saying specifically. after months of trial preparation and the rangel matter, two years of investigations, the chairwoman should have already noticed -- issued notices of public trials, schedules in both waters and rangel's matters. either way, it's done. let's move on and talk about nancy pelosi. how much -- how much street cred has she lost should the democrats retain power, does she retain her mantle as speaker? juan williams? >> yeah, i think she does retain her mantle. they lost a lot. and i think lots of democrats are upset specifically about the cap and trade vote because as you know, the senate did not have that vote. that vote hangs out there as a problem for house democrats but overall, she's had such a strong
7:56 am
hand and she's been able to enforce things so strongly when i look at who would challenge her, people like steny hoyer, etc., most of them decide, you know what? unless the democrats lose the house, nancy pelosi remains in power. she's become a whipping boy -- or whipping girl, if you will, for the republicans. but among democrats, there's a certain respect for power and she is a powerful speaker. >> well, look, if republicans fall short of taking the house, i do agree that she will likely run for speaker and will likely retain her majority. but here's why. she has fed these conservative democrats to the wolves on health care. and a lot of them, if she's brought back as speaker will lose this cycle. so she will have a more slim majority but a more liberal majority which is even scarier. i don't see how republicans if they retake the house, i don't see her winning as speaker. she's responsible for the forfeiture of the majority. she's the reason and she's what most of the republicans are using in their campaign ads. so so much for the most ethical,
7:57 am
open and honest congress in history. >> if the republicans win, of course she's not going to be speaker. come on. >> juan -- >> i'm saying for minority leader. would she run for -- >> juan williams, andrea, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> back with michelle malkin. credit card rewards are always good in theory.
7:58 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. thanks for sharing your time with us. well, he says he's mad as hell and now republican gubernatorial
8:00 am
candidate carl paladino is showing it. >> what evidence do you have? >> that was it. >> gretchen: what starts the confrontation with the reporter? we'll report. >> steve: oh, boy. unions are planning big protests against the tea party. michelle malkin says big labor is actually the workers worst enemy. she joins us in two minutes with details. >> brian: a baby in one hand, a baseball caught in the other. yeah. the dad who really knows how to multi task is coming your way. >> steve: daddy! >> brian: fox friends friends starts right now. # >> i'm joe biden, you're watching "fox & friends" and i tell you what, you'll enjoy it. >> steve: he know you're watching. >> gretchen: and we know who he is. if you joined earlier, you saw john stossel tell us about people who don't know who joe biden is who live in this
8:01 am
country. >> steve: the big question is, who is the chief of staff at the white house going forward because word is white house chief of staff rahm emanuel expected to say so long, i'm leaving. mike emmanuel, no relation to rahm emanuel, is live at the white house with developing details. good morning to you, mike. >> steve, guys, good morning. the latest we're hearing from this senior white house official is we should not expect anything today on the chief of staff's decision. all indications are that is that tomorrow would be the big day when many expect that the chief of staff will announce that he's deciding to leave his position and all indications are the president would say some form of farewell. what we are hearing from the chicago sun times that rahm emanuel may go on a listening tour of chicago neighborhoods this weekend to get a sense of the issues that a lot of people in the neighborhood are most interested in, chasing that story. don't have it yet. let's give them credit, guys.
8:02 am
>> gretchen: let's say that rahm emanuel does in fact leave. what about the possible replacements? >> the name i've been hearing for the better part of a couple of weeks is pete rouse, who is a key member of the obama team. he was at one point the chief of staff to then senator barak obama. so obviously somebody that the president has a long relationship with, is very trusted and has very strong ties on capitol hill. so we're hearing he will be most likely the interim chief of staff. the question is whether he really wants the job permanently. i've heard some people suggesting he may not want this high stress, burnout job permanently, but obviously if the president of the united states taps you on the shoulder and says i need you, it's kind of hard to say no. >> brian: all right. thanks. rahm emanuel can't get in his own house. evidently he rented it and -- for three years and the family will not get out. >> steve: right. apparently they said, what if he lives in the basement for a
8:03 am
while? no. >> gretchen: we start with fox news alert because hollywood legend tony curtis has died. the coroner says he suffered a heart attack in his las vegas home. he was famous for his roles in "some like it hot". >> i'm sugar cane. yeah, i changed it, it used to be sugar kavalcik. i come from a musical family. my father was a conductor. >> gretchen: he received an oscar nomination for his role in the "defiant ones" and appeared in other movies. the coroner says he suffered a heart attack. he appeared in more than 100 films. he was 85. pakistan has cut off a vital supply route now for u.s. and nato forces into afghanistan. pakinstani officials claim a nato helicopter attacked and killed three of their troops, so now they've blocked off the
8:04 am
border crossing in retaliation. officials say about 100 trucks are waiting to enter afghanistan. nato investigating the allegations. meg whitman, the republican candidate for governor in california, says she wasn't aware that her long-time housekeeper was an illegal immigrant from mexico. on the campaign trail, she has called for tougher sanctions against employers who hire illegal workers. the attorneyer for the former maid says she'll release evidence showing whitman knowing she was here illegally. fighting words exchanged in new york's race for governor. not between the candidates. watch as republican gubernatorial nominee carl paladino confronts a new york post reporter he claims unfairly targeted his ten-year-old daughter for a story. >> i want to know why you sent you're gonnas after my -- goons after my daughter. >> gretchen: the argument almost comes to blows as the campaign manager for the tea party backed candidate steps in to break it all up. >> that's it.
8:05 am
>> stay away from me. >> you're so out of line. >> i'm telling you what, get out of my face. >> gretchen: paladino claims he is soon going to produce evidence that his democratic rival, andrew cuomo, cheated on his ex-wife, kerry kennedy, when they were married. that's what started that whole thing. those are your headlines. >> brian: who wants to see that? five minutes after the hour. michelle malkin, welcome back. good morning to you. >> good morning, brian. >> brian: i have news for you, cock will say government they've decided they've done enough. they'll go back home wednesday officially. but they're not going to be entertaining the extension of the bush tax cuts. how shocked are you? >> not at all. i think they've been signaling that they're going to punt on this for several days now and it's not the only thing they've punted on. there were several pieces of legislation that withered on the vine as they escape ask adjourn
8:06 am
for this midterm six weeks. and i think that what the punting on the bush tax cut extension shows is how much dissension and disarray there is within the democrat ruling majority. >> steve: i was looking on your web site, and i see you've got an interesting story. now that congress is getting out of up to, an organization going into town in a big way is seiu, the big government employees union. they're inviting 25,000 members to washington this weekend coming in on 500 buses and they're trying to protest the tea party and republicans and fox news and all that other stuff. what's up with that? >> yeah. that's right. the co- organizer of this big shindig is george gretchham and he has seiu 1199. this is the huge health care local affiliate of the seiu and they represent some 300,000 workers, not just in the greater
8:07 am
new york area, but also in florida and several other states. and i think that this is essentially a weapon of mass distraction for the left because by protesting all of these right wing bogey men, what they're doing is distracting from their own woeful problems. the corruption that is indemic at the seiu and i think it's rather interesting that they are bussing all of these rank and file workers who are by not their own choice in many ways, forking over so much of their hard earned money and dues money to pay for the democrat coffers at a time when we've learned from the los angeles times and the associated press this week that several seiu officials have been and continue to be under federal investigation for various embezzlement schemes, for using union dues to pay for no show jobs.
8:08 am
>> steve: oh, it happens. >> yes, it happens. and this also comes at a time when those workers' pensions are eroding quickly while seiu leaders' pensions have been protected and immune from that same kind of erosion. i think it's time for the rank and file workers to throw their own tea party against their bosses and do a detour and protest in front of the seiu headquarters in dc. >> steve: excellent. >> gretchen: you remember last week when steven colbert was asked to go and testify on immigration in front of that congressional committee, many people thought that was the wrong thing to do, including myself. now apparently lawmakers, michelle, are turning down requests to be on his show. they are finally figuring out this. many realize that there are considerable risks that accompany those rewards. >> brian: no kidding. >> yeah, that's right. all of a sudden they've turned nosher lock holmes. they've gotten a clue. i think there is a backlash
8:09 am
against that circus show that is far greater than what we're seeing in the main stream media and on my web site, i published a very searing open letter from one of the people who watched that circus. althea shaw, the aunt of a teen-ager in south central los angeles who was gunned down by an illegal alien gang member who was specifically targeting black residents of los angeles. it's funny how these hollywood celebrities, in fact, it's not funny at all, how these hollywood celebrities have a very selective way of putting themselves in the shoes of some minorities but not others and shaw invited steve colbert to walk in her shoes for a day, but she hasn't gotten an answer to that invacation. >> brian: listen to how damaging this could be to a politician. here is robert wexler, he sat down for what he thought was a fun conversation for about two hours with steven colbert and he probably doesn't like what made
8:10 am
the piece. listen. >> the thing you say would lose you the election if you said it. >> you're not going to because you're uncontested. >> right. i enjoy being -- i enjoy cocaine because it's the fun thing to do. >> steve: he said that when he was still in congress. steven colbert sat across from him for two hours trying to get him to say something goofy to say that and upon capitol hill, they've woken up and saying, maybe that's not a good message for our people out in the world to hear from their elected officials. interestingly enough, michelle, yesterday the president, while in richmond, made it clear that apparently he's a fan of comedy central and, in fact, was supporting the jon stewart, steven colbert rally, telling people they should be going to it at the end of october. here is a snippet. >> i was amused, jon stewart, host of the daily show,
8:11 am
apparently he's going to host a rally -- rally called something like americans in favor of return to sanity in our -- or something like that. and his point was, 70% of the people, it doesn't matter what their political affiliation. 70% of the folks are just like you, which is they're going about their business, working hard every day, looking after their families. they don't go around calling people names. they don't make stuff up. >> steve: when he says make stuff up, is he referring to the steven colbert testimony last week? >> unfortunately not. once again, it's one of these back handed passive aggressive smears of the tea party movement and the thousands and millions of people who have shown up who are hard working people just trying to make a living and playing by the rules over the last two years. this is great free advertising. i think it shows the left is worried about the turnout this weekend. now they've gotten the ultimate endorsement from barak obama and jon stewart is and steven colbert are getting as much help
8:12 am
as possible from their hollywood friends. i noticed the other day that oprah tweeted about it. they're pulling in all the big guns to make sure they get that turnout. >> gretchen: you are a big gun for us when you join us and we appreciate you being with us today. we'll see you soon. >> thanks, take care. >> brian: meanwhile, coming up, breaking news. fisher price recalling millions, yes, millions of toys. the reason? they could seriously hurt your kid. what you need to know coming your way. >> steve: then a congressional hopeful compared to the taliban and accused of mistreating women. well, that candidate's wife is here live next. she says she's horrified by that attack ad. you'll hear from her next.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> i approve this message. >> gretchen: congressional hopeful republican daniel webster compared to the taliban and accused of mistreating women in this ad by his democratic opponent, alan grayson and it so happens that webster was polling way ahead of his opponent with female voters. is that the reason that grayson put out this ad and do grayson's accusations hold up more importantly? let's go straight to the source, sandy webster, the wife of
8:16 am
republican florida house hopeful daniel webster and joins me live from orlando. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so when you first saw this ad that came out against your husband where grayson was calling your husband a member of the taliban and saying horrible things about women, what did you think as a woman? >> i think it's terrible. very degrading and very untrue. my husband is a wonderful man and a very kind and loving father and husband and it's just totally untrue. it's hurtful to our family, embarrassing to our family actually. >> gretchen: the amazing thing is that the words were taken out of context and the words that continue to be replayed were, women should submit. women should submit. but when you hear the whole speech that your husband gave back in 2009, he says exactly the opposite. right? >> absolutely. he was encouraging men to love
8:17 am
their wives and he totally took it out of context because he was trying to teach men to pray for their wives and what to pray and how to love their wives more every day and so it was totally taken out of context. it's being portrayed as we should be some sub servient slaves or something. that is just untrue. >> gretchen: let's take a listen to your husband yesterday. he was on the fox news channel. here is what he had to say. >> i was talking about the idea of praying for your wife, but don't pray the verses that say submit to me because that's her responsibility. you as a man, as a father and a husband have responsibility. so i was saying to you, you focus on your responsibilities, not on hers. >> gretchen: sounds like pretty good advice to me. >> absolutely. and he does pray for us.
8:18 am
he's a very good guy. >> gretchen: let me ask you this, mrs. webster, because other people -- by the way, bipartisan, they've come out and said this is a disgray. democrats and republicans. but there still are critics of your husband who say that some of his issues regarding women have not been as they would like to see them. for instance, there is an accusation he wants to make divorce illegal and deny abused women health care. what can you tell us about those claims? >> those are both ridiculous, too. you need to talk to him about the issues, but i can assure you that my husband would not be against abused women. he would want to help them, and in his 28 years in the legislature from being in the house to going to becoming speaker of the house, to majority leader in the senate, all those years, my husband had on his staff, 80% were always women. so he doesn't have some low
8:19 am
consideration for women. he thinks women are great. >> gretchen: in fact, right now in the polls, he is getting more women than grayson is right now. we'll have to see what happens on election day. sandy webster. >> that's good to know. >> gretchen: thank you for being our guest this morning and setting the record straight. >> thank you so much. >> gretchen: get out the tissue, guys. the top five songs that make men cry, got to stay around for that one. then another major bank didn't bother to read foreclosure documents before kicking tens of thousands of people out of their homes. how can that happen? the great bob massi is here to explain.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> brian: fox news alert. suspects identified in the al-qaeda link terror plot targeting european cities. two british brothers and a german behind the attack. that according to pakinstani intelligence who also say one of the brits who was killed in a c.i.a. strike, missile strike, intelligence teams are tracking the rest of the suspects and believe they are hiding somewhere in pakistan. another fox news alert. fisher price recalling millions of tricycles and highchairs due to concerns about serious injuries to children. about 7 million trikes and tough trikes seen here are included in the recall. more than 1 million healthy care, easy clean and close to me highchairs are being recalled. that will alter some breakfasts. >> steve: no kidding. thank you. jpmorgan chase is announcing they will freeze foreclosures on 56,000 homes across the country. they're blaming it on paperwork problems, errors in the paperwork.
8:24 am
will this cause a ripple effect in the industry and are thousands of lawsuits now imminent? fox legal analyst bob massi, who is normally in vegas, has come to the big town where people gamble on wall street every day. so 56,000 homes that are being processed right now, but something is matter with the paperwork. >> there is. this is like the gmac story we did last week. you have these people, they have to sign affidavits. so if you're being foreclosed on, they have to sign an evident saying i have steve's promissory note. i have steve's mortgage in my possession. yes, here it is and therefore, it gives the courts right to foreclose on the property. again, they didn't do it. and this is a tip of the iceberg 'cause what you'll see now is all of these lenders always say, at least the thief wears a mask. these people are stealing people's homes. imagine the people that have been evicted from their homes in the last year and this process existed. >> gretchen: the reason they were signing off is because they had so much paperwork to get through? >> yeah.
8:25 am
one,ist last week said he was doing about 10,000 a month. you'll see the same with jpmorgan. they bring stacks like this and sign, sign. and give them to their lawyers and do the foreclosure process if it's a judicial foreclosure state. the fact is they're not authenticated properly. it gives leverage and this is good news for homeowners, it gives us leverage to try to challenge these type of foreclosures from now on. >> steve: here is what jpmorgan chase says they've issued a statement. quote, the firm does not expect to find any factual problems or that customers have been harmed, but if we do find any cases, we will take appropriate action. that according to them. >> brian: tell that to the people who were wrongfully evicted. it's always after the fact with these people because it's not them. >> steve: because he said we don't expect to find anybody. >> brian: doesn't matter. procedure is procedure. >> steve: what's their recourse? >> the recourse as relates to the homeowner is if it's a defective process to basically injunction relief or you stop them from foreclosing.
8:26 am
those people have already been harmed, they're out of luck. >> gretchen: jpmorgan chase, a reputable institution, the fact that they are now admitting to these errors, bob, what does that mean? >> it means it goes to show you these big people who sold bad loans years ago are also making this infrastructure basically mistakes. they're not paying attention to business. it's become a paper mill. they're trying to rid themselves of these property, get them back so they can resell, do what they're going to do and that's the problem we're faced with. homeowners need to make sure that if they're in a foreclosure mode, that they get advice in this area because it does give them leverage. >> steve: one other unrelated topic. so many people in this country right now are underwater on their mortgage. >> they owe more than their house is worth and the government promised to help those people out. >> 8%. the program is a complete failure. that's a fail your. plus the hafa program, that isn't work. the problem is unemployment, unemployment, unemployment. you have people losing their
8:27 am
homes and have no job. it can't get much worse. these programs are not working because they were not set up properly. they're defective just the way they were designed and the stat ticks showed it's not me. we covered a few weeks ago, 96,000 cancellations of loan modifications back in july and again, that's going to become even more so as time goes on. in the next two years, 12 to 14 million more adjustable loan also mature. this is not over yet because when those loans mature, now you're going to see -- >> steve: the number goes up. >> foreclosures will go up, more problems. >> gretchen: bob, thank you for the good news. great to see you. >> got the toy story and the home story. >> gretchen: great to see you in person. >> nice to be here. >> gretchen: this story is horrifying. college kid committed suicide after students broadcast his sexual encounter live on the web. what kind of punishment should the students face? we'll explore that. >> steve: then thinking about buying gold? hold that thought.
8:28 am
eric bolling says the government wants to control your gold. his details straight ahead. >> gretchen: the best piece of video of the day? a dad with a baby in one hand snags a ball with the other.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
♪ . >> steve: you know the song, but did you know it's the number one tune that makes guys cry? rem's "everybody hurts" reportedly hits the male soul. the rest of the top five are,. >> brian: eric clapton "tears in
8:32 am
heaven. hallelujah hallelujah, "i have no hair, nothing compares to you. the study was done by british music licensing agency, prg. >> steve: there are songs that make me cry, but it's not any of those. i don't need it. >> brian: i have a collective weak. all of it. >> steve: for you men watching right now, what is the song that makes you tear up? e-mail us right now. we'll share them in the after the show show. is it the song you got married to on your wedding day? >> i'm crying 'cause those songs are so bad. how could debbie boon's "feelings" not be on there? is it possible to get a word out when that's on? >> sensitive guy. >> brian: i'm in touch with myself. >> steve: the reason we got eric here is to react to this. we have a fox business news alert. the labor department just
8:33 am
releasing the weekless jobless claims right now. 453,000 new claims were filed last week. that's fewer than expected. they were expecting 460,000. so it's 7,000 better than that. but eric, that is still a gigantic number. >> that number stays elevated above 450,000, better than expected, 460 is what they were looking for. again, that number is still very elevated. i did this last week. we'll do it again. any time you have a number above 350,000 weakly claims, that means you're in a job loss situation for the economy. has to drop to 350 or below for real job growth in the economy to take effect. >> steve: we're not even close to that. >> we're 103,000 away from that number. so for now, better than expected, but still not good. >> brian: let's talk a little about gold. what do you find -- we know that you've been all over gold since the day you started here.
8:34 am
>> this is how it rolled. >> brian: why does the administration want to control gold? >> i've been a gold trader for 23 years. i know what i'm talking about. when you're standing in a gold pit, you want to stand out, you want to be seen. the point is this, that for a long time, there are two things driving gold right now. number one is the store of value and we want that and we want to store our value. but here, i don't know if you can see this. i'm sorry. we need to show you how to do these things better. when confidence in government goes down, the price of gold goes up and that's historical as long as gold has been traded, as long as gold has been in the world. right now the confidence in government is crashing and the price of gold is making all time highs. another all time high today. $1,316. >> steve: people like gold because it's something you can count on. >> you can keep that in your house and your pocket.
8:35 am
but here is the problem now. the politics of gold, the government wants -- they've always wanted to know where your guns are. but now they want to know where your gold is. try and explain to me, someone tell me why in the health care bill, the new health care bill, whatever, 3,000 pieces of legislation, i now have to report moguled sales. i have to -- my name, my address, how much i sold it for. now they want to know where your gold is, too. unpress departmented. it's in the health care bill. why is it there? >> steve: so that if you are selling it, what if you're buying it? >> same thing. gold dealers are going -- every time i make a transaction for over $600, i have -- by the way, it's a seven page form. there is a gold dealer we talked to the other night who has 1,000 customers. he may do 10,000 of these forms a year. they're almost driving me out of business. the bottom line is they want to know where your gold and guns are. scary. >> steve: it is very scary. we should point out your -- what
8:36 am
would this be? >> my acronym. >> rbi, because you were a baseball player. >> steve: that's cool. >> brian: the other thing that i wanted you to talk about is there was a sense that maybe the market was surging because the government looked like it was going to have a republican congress and that was the big point, uptick last week and this week. does that have anything to do with it? >> i think the fear is the continued overspending, we're at 13.3 trillion in the hole. we'll add more. when you spend like that, when you're spending in excess of revenues as a government and printing money, the dollars you're printing are worth less and less. that just drives the price of any physical commodity, especially gold, up. >> brian: we'll watch "money rocks" weeknights, 8:00 o'clock. >> gold special tonight. everything about gold. >> steve: meanwhile, we got headlines. flood watches in effect from south carolina to new hampshire in advance of what's left of
8:37 am
tropical storm nicole. look at that storm. north carolina already declared a state of emergency as the state's coastal residents are being drenched. it dumped over five inches of rain in south florida. as many as six inches may fall in new york city. and brian, as you see all that blue stuff, folks in the middle part of the storm could receive close to ten inches, maybe a foot before it is all done. >> brian: hence the sandbags in front of our house. two rutgers university students have been arrested and accused of illegally posting a video of a classmate's gay sexual encounter on the internet. last week 18-year-old tyler threw himself off the george washington bridge after learning his encounter was secretly recorded and posted on his facebook page said jumping off the george washington bridge. sorry. his body is still missing. >> steve: hasn't been identified yet. authorities in pakistan have arrested a pakinstani government official working for allegedly
8:38 am
helping the times square bomber. pakinstani intelligence officers says the suspect took confessed bomber faisal shahzad to meet with militant leaders there. this news comes as u.s. prosecutors say shahzad bragged he wanted to kill at least 40 americans in times square when he parked his car there. feds leaking video of what would have happened if it would have gone off. watch. >> steve: that could have killed more than 40. prosecutors say shahzad watched real time video feeds out of times square on the internet to figure out when the streets would be most crowded. maximum kill rate. he also said he was planning a second attack bigger on new york two weeks later if the first one was successful. it wasn't. he got caught. >> brian: watch this catch during a rangers-tigers game last night. got a dad holding his baby, making an impresssive grab in traffic. the baby does not appreciate the
8:39 am
effort. look again. a little scared. talk about multi tasking. rangers warming up for the post season and win 6-5. that should wipe the tears from that child's eyes. >> steve: that's right. when she grows up or he grows up, he'll have the ball. >> brian: and they'll have no memory of this. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. let's talk praying. oftentimes parents and kids will pray before a game, whether you go to a religious institution or not. usually pray for victory or safety. in one small pee wee football league, they did it as a tradition. >> steve: yeah. we're talking about vernon, florida. they've been doing it for a number of years there and a fellow who was an assistant coach in the pee wee football league, louis from doesn't like the fact that they pray before the game. keep in mind, pee wee football. so he said, i'm going to contact the league and make them stop. well, the league says that they're a private organization. they don't take government
8:40 am
money. so we're not going to listen to you. >> brian: they don't need a bailout? >> steve: not yet. so he says, hold on a second. you're using a public field to have a football game. so this become has city issue. so he's contacted the city. the city attorney is going to figure out whether or not the guy has a case or whether or not they got to stop. >> brian: it's a little extreme. the statement goes, we have been saying prayers for four years and fram started complaining last year. he has a problem with prayer. while i don't have a problem with his nonbeliefs, he shouldn't have a problem with ours. unlike a lot of statements, that was colorful and to the point. >> steve: we asked you what you thought about this and douglas from georgia wrote, prayer is a god given right. if you don't like it or believe in god, then you don't have to pray. >> brian: greg says something different from montana. i agree with the lady that answered the complaint. he has a right not to believe, but he under the constitution does not have the right to suppress or oppress our freedom.
8:41 am
sounds like the judge wrote that. >> steve: no kidding. >> brian: that's a quick look at what's happening. yesterday another pee wee football controversy. >> steve: when pee wee football people attack. >> brian: when the coaches fought each other. >> steve: it was crazy. we asked you earlier about what songs guys make you cry when you hear them. >> brian: are we getting any? >> steve: we're getting a ton. >> brian: any of them appropriate? >> steve: not so sure. we'll share some of them with you at the conclusion of the program. >> brian: a lot of times the go goes because i think about what could have been. straight ahead, we just showed you this, what would have happened if the times square bomber hadn't messed up the job. or could you have stopped the terrorist attack like this using your home computer? peter johnson, jr. says yes. >> steve: wow. then the woman singing the national anthem more than just a soldier. she's a mom who returned early from afghanistan to shock the heck out of her son. join us live.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> steve: oh, man. investigators say that, what you just saw, was what the times square bomb would have looked like if it was successful. could you stop a similar attack from your home computer?
8:45 am
peter johnson, jr., our legal analyst, says yes. is that right? >> yeah. i believe so. shame the jihaddist. shame the jihaddist internet service providers, the people that bring this stuff into your home. there is the ability in this country and there are kind of the death wish to web site people, cyber vigilantes who are becoming the front line in america to islamic jihad web sites. there was a hearing yesterday in congress before the committee on foreign affairs and the subcommittee on terrorism. and congress kind of wrung its hands saying, we don't know what to do on this. we captain really stop these. we have the capacity as americans to stop american internet service providers from providing the capacity, the band width as it were, for these jihaddist sites to go out across america. >> steve: now hold it, peter!
8:46 am
what about the freedom of speech? people will say look, you've got to provide the opportunity for them to express themselves. but the message is about murdering us! >> absolutely hit it on the head. there is no freedom of speech, i believe, with regard to the solicitation of murder. the solicitation of kidnapping, the solicitation of mayhem, mass destruction. so we need to take a stand in this country legislatively using the tools that we already have through the treasury department, through material support laws that we have. you can't provide material support to a terrorist. so if the government says that an internet service provider, by allowing this garbage to go up is providing material support, there are criminal sanctions for that kind of conduct. but at the same time, people in their homes, people in their offices, they can amos campaigns in their own communities.
8:47 am
shame those internet service providers. boycott them. go out in your community and say, listen, we're not going to allow you to do this anymore to us, to americans. now, can they go overseas and do it as well? yes, they can. but if we want to make it harder, we can. at the same time, though, we have to understand and we don't hear about it a lot ask we should talk about it more, the federal government is attempting to disrupt when they think necessary these types of sites. >> steve: good. >> sometimes, though, sometimes actionable intelligence can be gained. there was testimony by professor mcneil of pepperdine law school yesterday at this hearing in washington, everybody should read it. there is the capacity, there is the ability for us to act. let's rely on the f.b.i., let's rely on the c.i.a., let's rely on our armed force, but let's rely on what we know and how we can speak out to these internet service providers 'cause they have got to stop it.
8:48 am
>> steve: sure. you take that story where you're talking about the jihadi sites and then you look at this kid who jumped off the george washington bridge because he was shamed into doing it because somebody took web cam pictures of him. >> let's use shame for a positive force here. that's a horrible tragedy, but it shows the power of the internet and what these jihaddists are relying on are the desensitization of death, showing beheadings and people that they should rally to their cause because it's a positive thing. it's a culture of death. we have an opportunity to affirm a culture of life and tell these internet service providers to stop it and tell u tube stop it now. don't put up beheadings or people getting killed and exhortations for that. we have the power. >> steve: we do. and peter johnson, jr., thanks for bringing this to our attention. >> good to see you. >> steve: straight ahead, military mom returns home from war to give her son the surprise of a lifetime on the football
8:49 am
field. >> e-mailing her every day, trying to call her every day. >> steve: mother and son are here live next. right now, martha mccallum is live with a preview of what's happening in 11 minutes. >> good morning, steve and everybody. first it was velma hart, we remember her. now a new voice getting attention at the president's backyard get together. wait until you hear the president's response to this man and you've seen the smack down between the prominent political reporter and carl paladino. now fred dicker, that reporter, joins us here in america's news room coming up.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
>> brian: carla murphy missed her son's high school graduation because she was fighting for
8:53 am
freedom in afghanistan. her second tour of duty. when family day came around at his college football opener, she had quite the surprise for him. >> i miss her a lot. i've been texting her every day. e-mailing her every day. trying to call her every day. >> brian: as you saw, she sang the national anthem. we're joined by aaron bird, we're also supposed to be joined by his mom, but air force master sergeant, but she's stuck in traffic. thank you for joining us. describe the scene you freshman in college, as you find out that your mom is not only home, but she's singing the national anthem. >> yeah. i didn't know that she was going to come this early. i thought she was going to come in late in october, but she surprised me and came earlier. my coaches, they've been, like, i guess giving me hints that she was coming 'cause one of my
8:54 am
coaches had asked me, do i know when she's coming and all that and i was like, no i don't. maybe late in october. that's what she keeps saying. >> steve: leave it to those coaches to toy with you. i know you hasn't seen her since mother's day. in your heart, you must have felt oh, it's my first game, too bad my mom is not going to see it. and there she was singing the song! what did you think? >> i was speechless. >> steve: i don't blame you. did you think your mind was, hey, that lady looks like my mom? it is my mom! what are you doing here? you're not supposed to be here 'til the end of october. >> i was very shocked to see her. yeah, i missed her a lot. >> brian: it's amazing, too, because when you graduate high school, it's a big family, it's a great thing for your mom to know she has another high school graduate and move to college. two major transitions and you're playing football at dean college
8:55 am
as well. you guys are 2-2 right now. and then all of a sudden, you look out and you see her there. are your emotions for one, i'm glad to see her and also, it's great to know she's finally safe after a second tour of duty at war? >> yes. that's the main reason why i was emotional because she was back and i haven't seen her in a long time. >> steve: yeah. even though you had texted her every day and written her little notes, i completely -- aaron i completely understand. i know you shed a tear or two. were your teammates supportive of that or did they say, hey, freshman, what are you doing crying? >> well, after she sung, everybody hugged me. someone said they cried, too. all the coaches told me they cried. so i wasn't the only one. >> steve: did you win the game? >> yes, we won the game. >> steve: even better. >> brian: do you guys cry before every game just for good luck?
8:56 am
>> i never cry. >> brian: tell your mom thanks so much for her service and the drama to put all that together and to surprise you there on a big day for you. but no one thinks about the families, when a mom is taken into war, a lot of people focus on the dads. that must be really, really tough. >> yeah. >> steve: it is. and aaron, we thank you very much for joining us today from up there in boston. thank you. have a terrific season and our best to your team. >> thank you for having me here. >> brian: your mom, tell her she's okay, she's excused from the show. master sergeant carla murphy. >> steve: a lot of bad traffic throughout the east today because the big storm. >> brian: we'll be back with more in two minutes. >> steve: are you sure? >> brian: yeah. i think so.ob
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> steve: we told you earlier that rem's song makes everyone cry. we agree, many don't. >> brian: one guy says, i get a tear in my eye when i hear amazing grace or the national anthem. >> steve: one of the saddest songs is "white christmas." >> brian: another says, i'm surprised "cats in the cradle" doesn't make the list. i'll never forget my father getting tears in his eyes when he explained the lyrics to me as a child. i get choked up every time i listen to i


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